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Independent Lottery App that generates completely random numbers everytime.


UK National Lottery Lucky Dip

National Lottery Lucky Dip Instructions:

A lucky dip makes it easy for you to choose your numbers for the Lottery. Please find below the instructions for use:

If you want to put any of your own numbers in, double click one of the first two boxes!

  • Sign up for your National Lottery Account - you will need one to play safely online.
  • Once you are ready, click "Generate numbers" (or press ALT-S).
  • The lucky dip will start running, so wait for a few seconds...
  • Next, click the "Save to Playslip" button to save a line to your playslip!
  • To carry on and keep building up a playslip, click "Save to Playslip" again, or simply click "Play" or "Play playslip" to connect to the Lottery.
  • The National Lottery website will now be opened and your play slip is filled-in automatically!
  • To play your lines, simply sign-in to the Lottery and play like your normally would.

For anyone who doesn't play the Lottery online yet, give it a try, it's safe, secure, and you can never lose your ticket!

The below settings control the way the lottery number generator works.

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